Frequently Asked Questions

To address the needs of the times, the Worldwide Marriage Encounter now offers different formats available in different locations throughout the country (actually the world).

Live-in Weekends:

The standard format is a 3 day weekend. It begins on a Friday evening and ends Sunday Afternoon. 

The compressed format begins Saturday early morning and ends Sunday afternoon.

In some areas there is a demand for a weekday “Weekend.”

These formats are live-in experience in a facility such as a retreat house, a resort, or a hotel. They provide the best experience to be away from any distractions and stay focused. Each couple have individual private rooms.

Live-out experience:

For very busy couples, we are now offering the 3RE Format. The Weekend experience is spread into 2 weekends, a total of 6 sessions of approximately 3 hours each. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings for week 1, and Friday, Saturday evening plus Sunday afternoon for week 2. This experience is a live-out weekend. You get to go home every day.

WWME now offers an online weekend format. This allows the couples more flexibility with their schedules and location. The online weekend follows either the 3-day standard weekend or the 3RE format for convenience.

Again, anti-spoilers, so we’re going to keep this short: 

A series of presentations is given by a team of Catholic couples with Catholic priest. After each presentation, each couple is given time to talk and bond with each other. Instructions are given 

Promise, there are no sharing groups and no need to talk to strangers. The weekend is literally just about you and your spouse. Socializing with other couples are highly discouraged during the weekend.

Absolutely. We can’t emphasize this enough, the weekend is oriented for individual couples. Apart from the talks and the shared meals, you really don’t have to see or talk to other couples. In fact, even during the breaks, we encourage you to bond with each other and not with other couples.


Not to be Captain Obvious, but Marriage Encounter is primarily for married Couples, simply because the weekend is designed to address the concerns of people who have made that sacred, lifelong commitment to each other.

We do welcome couples of different faiths however, so you don’t have to be married in a Catholic church to attend the weekend.

Just a disclaimer, if you are a non-catholic attending the weekend, please know that the values and traditions of the Church is embedded in the program. In the movement’s more than 50 years of experience, this has never become a problem with the many non-catholics who have attended the program. The principles of a good relationship, we believe, are universal.

The weekends happen on a fairly regular basis, in areas that are pretty accessible to couples. Shoot us a message to find a schedule that works for you. You may find the schedule here.

WWME made a commitment never to deny any couple the opportunity of attending the weekend, no matter what their financial circumstance are. Therefore, there are no fixed fees. Of course there are costs to continuing the Mission which will be transparent to you. To keep the movement going, you and your spouse will be given instructions on how to donate ANONYMOUSLY at the end of the weekend. You may give any amount you feel is appropriate. We only ask that the decision comes from the heart.

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